Technology Mounting

The appropriate mounting of technology in the workplace is critical in ensuring a healthy and productive environment for staff. The goal of ncompas is to facilitate this by providing tailored solutions based upon sound research and many years of experience in dealing with workplace environments. The following 4 key areas influence the design of ncompas solutions:

Space Maximisation
Change Management
Multiple Applications


Providing a safe and comfortable working environment is critical in ensuring a productive and efficient workplace. The mounting of technology guided by international ergonomic standards will assist organisations in conforming to local occupational health and safety regulations. Refer to the image below (or right) for a typical ergonomic workstation setup.
The primary technology interfaces in the workplace include the Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and Laptop. According to ISO 9241-303 (2008/2011) and 9241-410.2008:

The top of the monitor should be placed at or just below eye level and 400mm-750mm (or an arm’s length) away from the users eyes to ensure a comfortable position for the eyes and neck.

Keyboards and mice should be positioned at least 150mm from the edge of the desk to ensure adequate support for the wrist.
When laptops are used for longer periods in the office, it is important they also follow the above guidelines in conjunction with a separate keyboard and mouse, and/or a separate monitor.
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A primary outcome of mounting technology is to raise as much equipment off the worksurface, maximizing the available space for other uses or enabling comfortable use within much smaller areas.

The efficient mounting of technology also facilitates greater staff engagement and collaboration

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In today’s constantly changing environment, the ongoing movement of people, equipment and resources needs to be well managed to ensure an efficient work environment. Mounting technology with the ability to facilitate such rapid change is essential.
ncompas provides a kit of parts designed to adapt to various applications which are ideally suited to fitouts where churn is commonplace – eg swapping between different types & quantities of monitors and other equipment.
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There is considerable research detailing the benefits of using multiple screens. The ability to instantly switch between multiple applications results in increased productivity. The correct mounting of multiple screens will facilitate a more efficient setup for the user.
As multiple monitor use becomes commonplace and mobile technologies constantly evolve, ncompas aims to integrate as much into the workplace to ensure a seamless technology solution. This also includes the integration of supplementary technology such as softwired power and lighting.
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