Global Airline – Total Project 3000+ units.

A staged refurbishment of the existing campus style headquarters of an international airline. Regular movement of staff is a key aspect of this fitout hence the ability to change from a single monitor arm to a dual or multiple screen application was the most important criteria. ncompas was selected over a number of international monitor arm brands for this reason, as well as the ability to supply Stage 1 in a short timespan.


Australian Government – Total Project 400 units

The project featured approximately 400 straight bench workstations with a limited width and depth, hence the use of Monitor Arms was critical. The client used 2 x 24 inch widescreen monitors measuring 511mm in width and required the monitors to be pushed back as far as possible to meet ergonomic requirements. The ncompas option provided this functionality via a Short Arm option which enabled the widescreen monitors to be placed side by side and as far back as possible.


Global Bank – Retail Fitout

This ongoing fitout for multiple bank braches in Kuala Lumpur required a special finish and configuration in a cost effective solution that resulted in improved staff/customer interatction.


Leading Asia Pacific Bank – Pilot Fitout

The project features approximately 50 workstations, which is a pilot project for a new fitout for 2000 workstations, with each area featuring a different type of working enviornment. The ncompas units required a single monitor arm with a dedicated mount for holding a laptop in the vertical position. Ncompas designed a customised solution which met the brief.


Leading Australian Bank – Investment Division

The project featured approximately 50 workstations, each of which required either a single or dual monitor arm setup. Important requirements of the client was the need for retrofitting of dual monitors arms in the future, as well as a short leadtime turnaround. Ncompas was able to deliver product within 3 weeks and provide a fully modular system which would grow with the organisation.


Leading Asia Pacific Investment Bank – Back Office

An ongoing project for one of South East Asia’s largest investment banks . Their office staff required a combination of single and dual monitor setups.


Australian Engineering Firm – Headquarter Fitout

The project featured approximately 160 workstations, each of which required either a single or dual monitor arm setup. Important requirements of the client were the use of large monitors (being an engineering company), as well as regular churn of monitors (including single display to dual display). The ncompas system met the brief due to its heavy duty weight load, easy quick release VESA Mounting system and ability to easily retrofit between single and multi screen display setups.


Business Process Company – Asia Centre for excellence

A US Based global information company with “world class experts in the pivotal areas shaping today’s business landscape” (from website). This fitout in Penang, Malaysia is the largest centre of excellence for this company and their requirement for Monitor Arms was critical in terms of maximising the available space on the worktop. Their selection of ncompas reflected their need to accommodate future movmenet of staff.


International Audio Technology Company – Australian HQ

A fitout of approximately 50 large format monitors using ncompas MODE which replaced another brand of Monitor Arm with a lighter weight load. In addition a special application required a monitor to be used as a display sitting above the workstation screen. Some workstations had a chamfer edge so a special clamp was also developed by ncompas.


Financial Investment Company – 40 Dealer Desks

This project required a customised mount to a dealer desk setup. Each desk required 4 monitors to be placed side by side. The ncompas flexible system enabled this to be achieved by mounting 2 monitor arms per pole.