LUME – L.E.D Lighting

ncompas10-1 ncompas LUME is an innovative flexible lighting solution that adapts to multiple applications such as desk mounting, workstation screen mounting and integration into the ncompas MODE System. The environmental benefits of LED Technology and its integration into the LUME System include:

  • Extended Lifespan: 20,000 hours for LUME.
  • Ultra low power consumption: Approx half the consumption of halogen lamps
  • Low heat emissions: Low voltage = light, not heat.
  • No use of Mercury compared with fluorescent lighting.
  • More efficient manufacturing: Less energy and materials used
  • No Filament: resulting in a more durable product
ncompas10-2 ncompas10-3 ncompas10-4
LUME Desk Mount LUME Custom Screen Mount LUME + MODE Integration


ncompas10-5 ncompas has worked with an international bank to develop a customised solution involving high intensity overhead LED Lighting for a Library Bench application. This was integrated into the workstation system and took into account the appropriate LUX (illumination) required.