About Us

ncompas is an international collaboration which designs, manufactures and distributes high quality technology mounting solutions that meet the dynamic requirements of corporate office fitouts.

ncompas was conceived and is headquartered in Australia leveraging manufacturing partners in the Asia Pacific region to best service the global market it services.

The people behind ncompas have over 30 years combined experience manufacturing and distributing innovative products throughout the commercial furniture industry in Australia and Asia.

The brand “ncompas” epitomises the balance between technology interfaces and effective ergonomics within constantly evolving workplaces. ncompas represents all encompassing, uncomplicated solutions that adapt to the changing requirements of the workplace.



A key philosophy of ncompas is the belief that all products that are designed and manufactured must minimize their impact on the environment. This mindset encompasses product design, manufacturing, materials, packaging and product life cycle.

The MODE Flexible Mounting system is designed with functional simplicity in mind. No parts that have a limited life are used (eg gas struts/ springs) so the product is designed for many yearsof trouble free use.

“Design for Disassembly” is a key aspect of the design of the product. Its modular nature means that it can be used for many different applications to evolve with changing user requirements. Once past its useful life, the product can be easily disassembled for recycling.The vast majority of the product is composed of aluminium or steel, both of which can be readily recycled.

Ncompas uses suppliers that engage in social and corporate responsibility and place environmental sustainability at the forefront of their operations.